How to access APIs from two different services running on different ports using gRPC UI


I have deployed two services on different ports (9000 and 9001) for service to service eventing.

From gRPC UI, I was able to access only the APIs deployed in 9000 port.

If I try to open gRPC UI in port 9001, getting timeout error.

How to access both the services from gRPC UI?

Hi @thamizh07

I did not fully understand if you’ve deployed your services to the kalix platform or just locally.

If you are running the services locally, then using grpcui -plaintext localhost:9001 for the second service should work as well.

If you deployed to kalix, then I suppose you are using the kalix service proxy to which you should be able to provide a --port so you can have 2 gRPC UIs running at the same time. Note that this port is the one you will be accessing the UI on, not related with the port used by the service itself (the kalix proxy will take care of that for you).

Hi @efgpinto

I have deployed the services locally using kalix proxy in docker.

Executing below command, not working for me

grpcui -plaintext localhost:9001

Can you please give the details on the changes we need to make if we are running two services locally

You’ll need to have the kalix proxy running on different ports as you mentioned, as well as have the services running on different ports as well (e.g. 8080 (default) and 8081). To do that, please have a look at our documentation for Running multiple services.

If you would rather have a look at a working sample, you can check this for the scala protobuf sdk - the same sample is also available for other sdks.