Accessing Kalix Public Service From JavaScript/TypeScript

We have defined a “gateway” service as a Kalix Action and want to use it as the gateway from our user interaction via gRPC. Our Typescript/React application needs to have envoy running on the server side to convert the HTTP/1.1 to HTTP/2 that gRPC requires. We believe that is already the case. What seems to be missing from the documentation is any instructions on how to:

  • use the protobufs defined for our gateway service as the contract from our TypeScript application
  • transform the gRPC requests into HTTP1.1/JSON calls to Kalix
  • anything else relevant to using Kalix from the outside from a web application.

Our Typescript/React application needs to have envoy running …

I suspect this would rather be about the protocol and not specifically about envoy?

Kalix does transcoding of JSON requests out of the box, and supports the additional transcoding google.api.http annotations transcoding docs here, it also supports gRPC-web as a transport for gRPC over HTTP/1.1

I have noted the request for something more like a full stack webapp sample in our internal docs issue tracker. Thanks for the feedback!

The gRPC-web stuff is what I was hinting at. Thanks for the confirmation. A full stack webapp sample would be a great addition and very useful. Thank you.