Uploading Files like OBJ or MP4?

I need to upload files to kalix. but I cant find docs about uploading file. It is impossible in Kalix? If not, I want an example of implementation in scala.

That’s I think not so much a Kalix specific question, but rather a gRPC question. How could you also optimize file uploads the streaming way …

perhaps an article like this could help you to get started ?

Thank you, I’ve read this.

The reason I asked here is, in Kalix’s ideology, whether it is right to upload such a large file.

I am thinking about whether I should handle the file data separately, such as MinIO.

It is not currently possible to store/pass very large commands to entities, so if you intend to store the file as value of a value entity for example, that will probably not work out. At least not right now.

@alexnaa just elaborating here generalising the use case for devs with all skill levels, a user is asked to upload a license pdf document as part of a workflow in the Web/Mobile App. So from UX point of view, once the web frontend or mobile app receives file uploaded ACK response handled separately, the object key or location path can be passed into the command in Kalix where Kalix updates/stores that path info in Value Entity or Event sourced entity, and can be retrieved later.