Service to Service failing when using Kalix-proxy:1.1.15

Hi Team,

I’m getting error while trying service to service with Kalix proxy image version - kalix-proxy:1.1.15

option (kalix.service) = {
service: “host.docker.internal:9002”
event_stream_id: “connection_events”


2023-09-01 23:10:08,634 ERROR k.j.i.DiscoveryImpl [ ] - Unspecified reported from Kalix system: Service failed to start because of an unexpected error: path parameter: Invalid path ‘’: Token not allowed in path expression: ‘:’ (you can double-quote this token if you really want it here)

If I use kalix-proxy:1.1.7, then same code is working

Success Log:
2023-09-01 23:18:31,840 INFO k.j.i.DiscoveryImpl [ ] - Info reported from Kalix system: Service to service stream id [connection_events] in service [host.docker.internal:9002] configured as event source for component []

Can you please help with this.

Hi Thamizh07,

This part looks suspicious:

That property should be something like:[your-service]=host.docker.internal:9002. So it seems like it’s missing the service name and the =. The reason it does not fail with 1.1.7 is probably because that property did not exist, thus it’s being ignored.

Complete docs on how to run multiple services locally can be found here.

Hope that helps.