Failed to dial target host "localhost:9002": context deadline exceeded

I am trying to run grpcui --plaintext localhost:9002, but I can’t get it to run, it fails with the above error Failed to dial target host “localhost:9002”: context deadline exceeded

I think that the context deadline exceeded error is most often when it cannot connect at all to a port, are you sure there is anything replying at port 9002? If you hit it with curl for example, with some arbitrary path http://localhost:9002/test, do you get a 404 back?

Another thing can be OS behaviour around the localhost name and what it actually resolves to, so you could also try and see if that works.

Hey Johanndren,

Yes we did 2 tests, one using netstat
and a more concrete one was from postman, Using postman we are able to invoke the service.

What about grpcurl, for example hitting the reflection endpoint grpcurl -plaintext localhost:9002 list, does that give the same deadline exceeded error?

Sure will try that and let you know

Sorry false alarm, there appears to be a different service running on that port, that’s why the error