Errors in invoking deployed ready services via grpc gui


I have deployed a single project with all services that I was able to invoke using proxy grpc gui. The services deployed are in ready state. As I work to break the project out into each individual services, I do get errors when I invoke the services at the moment:

Unimplemented (12)

unexpected HTTP status code received from server: 404 (Not Found); malformed header: missing HTTP content-type

I am not quite sure what is not found. I looked into the log on the service and there is nothing showing an error. Where can I check what has caused the issue and figure out what did change between earlier deployment and the current one? Thanks for your help.

I further tested deploying the sample customer-registry code to the project. And I am now also getting the same error when I followed the tutorial. Just FYI.

Did you resolve this problem or is this still something you are not getting to work?

This has be resolved. Thanks for your help.