Unable to push docker image to KCR

I created a trial project based on the shopping cart example and tried to push and deploy my image by using mvn deploy kalix:deploy command.
The mvn deploy always failed after the 1st image layer pushed, below is the screenshot

I was able to push other layers to KCR but only the 1st and 3rd layer has this issue.
Please help.

Hi, before we go deeper, do you have your kalix CLI configured correctly? Also, you can take a look at: Configure a container registry :: Kalix Documentation

Thanks for replying.
I believe I finished everything on the page.
I was able to login and config the .docker/config.json like below

	"auths": {},
	"credsStore": "desktop",
	"credHelpers": {
		"kcr.us-east-1.kalix.io": "kalix"
	"currentContext": "desktop-linux",
	"plugins": {
		"-x-cli-hints": {
			"enabled": "true"

Since I am using a trial account, I dont think I have any org yet so I used my personal account as the image path

The problem resolved. I think it was due to low upload bandwidth of my network. After switch to a faster one, it has no problem.
Thanks for the help!

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