Which command to scale up and down the replicas

As titled, Which command to scale up and down the replicas?

I cannot find that in the documentation.

Also, kalix CLI can support service restart option; how about stop and start option? Also, does restart apply to all kalix instance replicas at the same time? how can the deployment and kalix instances support A/B testing?

Scaling the in and out in Kalix is handled by an autoscaler based on load, there is no explicit access to control the number of nodes.

Restart does a rolling redeploy/upgrade to the latest available image for a service.

There is no specific support of A/B right now, so that would have to go into the service logic.

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Good to know the feature (or limitation).

  • If using autoscaler, where do we define the condition for autoscaling?
  • Instead of autoscaler, will it be open for manual control in future?

Autoscaling is based on service load, there is no user control over the conditions for scaling.

I don’t know of any current plans for more explicit/manual control scaling a service in or out.

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