Integration tests need a separate pubsub emulator

Hello! Thank you for this framework :slight_smile:

I have maybe a silly question. When running integration tests that don’t use pubsub, the docker containers are started and everything works.

However, when running an integration test that uses pubsub, the docker containers are started and tests fail. The reason is because the integration tests don’t start a pubsub service too.


My solution is to run docker compose up --detach and get the pubsub container running. Then the integration tests are passing.

Would it be possible to start the pubsub service too when starting the docker containers for integration tests automatically? Or am I doing something wrong?


Glad to hear you’re enjoying Kalix!

At this moment, it is indeed required to start a pubsub on the side to be able to run and use it in integration tests. There is no alternative currently but that is something we might consider in the future. Thanks for your feedback.

So, you’re doing nothing wrong! :slight_smile:

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