Any way to tag all log entries for an entire request?

It’s always super time consuming to dig through logs to find an issue, especially when it involved an Action making calls to lots of entities (dozen+). It would be amazing if there was a tag that would propagate across so I could do one log search and see all logging for the entire request.

Is this something that is being logged and I’m missing it? or any way to add it ourselves? I’m thinking maybe I can hijack request messages’ unknownFields (adding to the request in the Action with UnknownFieldSet.withField and then grabbing it with getField in the entities) but even if this works it seems like a nasty hack.

Hi Maristi,

There is no current automatic request-id tagging, and I agree that is a bit tricky to do yourself as well, especially if you want to do distributed trace/tagging.

There is some ongoing work improving observability in Kalix, so there may be improvements coming in this area a bit down the road.

Right now I think you’ll have to rely on passing that as additional request information yourself.

Would probably better to use the metadata support than to stuff it into messages though, except that we recently found a bug related to that which means composed calls aren’t really passing that metadata right now, a fix is in progress but may be a while (Issue #1702).

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